ASFH: Endophthalmitis in South India Paper Discussed: Prajna Lalitha, Jyothsna Rajagopalan, Karthik Prakash, Kim Ramasamy, Namperumalsamy Venkatesh Prajna and Muthaiah Srinivasan Postcataract Endophthalmitis in South India: Incidence and Outcome Ophthalmology, November 2005;112(11): 1884-1889 Guest: Prajna Lalitha, MD Head of the Department of Microbiology The Aravind Eye Hospital Madurai
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ASFH: Conductive Keratoplasty after LASIK Paper Discussed: Hersh PS, Fry KL, Chandrashekhar R, Fikaris DS. Conductive keratoplasty to treat complications of LASIK and photorefractive keratectomy. Ophthalmology, November 2005;112(11):1941-7 Guest: Peter S. Hersh, MD Director, Cornea and Refractive Surgery Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology Institute of Ophthalmology and Visual Science UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School Newark, New Jersey
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Subject: Treating Vitreous Hemorrhage with Highly Purified Hyaluronidase Paper Discussed: Kuppermann BD, Thomas EL, de Smet MD, et al. Safety results of two phase III trials of an intravitreous injection of highly purified ovine hyaluronidase (Vitrase) for the management of vitreous hemorrhage. American Journal of Ophthalmology, October 2005, 140(4) p585-97 Guest: Baruch D. Kuppermann, MD, PhD Chief of the Retina Service Professor of Ophthalmology University of California, Irvine Irvine, California
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Paper Discussed: Tamhane A, Vajpayee RB, Biswas NR, et al. Evaluation of amniotic membrane transplantation as an adjunct to medical therapy as compared with medical therapy alone in acute ocular burns Ophthalmology, November 2005, 112(11) p1963-9 Guest: Radhika Tandon, MD, DNB, FRCO, FRCS Professor of Ophthalmology All India Institute of Medical Sciences New Delhi India
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